Let Him Run His Race

In the movie Secretariat… Penny’s father gives her some solid advice…. when she brought ‘Big Red’ to see her Father, she spoke about how strong he was.  Her Father with aged hands stroked the nose of this beautiful creature and in a soft voice he said the following…..

Let him run his race, Darlin’

I absolutely love this movie; however, this particular piece of advice came to me last night as I was ranting and raving about the asinine behavior of another.  I was so upset about how egotistical this person was and I simply could not believe how they would carry on…. yet, the friend that I was speaking to, calmed me… and politely asked that I not react immediately.  I respect this person a great deal and so I agreed.

I went to bed still hot about this person’s ego; however, the words that were spoken in the movie Secretariat came to me… “Let him run his race, Darlin.” – now, the person in question is not a prize racehorse, well, he may be a part of the horse… OK, I know enough, Claire.

Here’s what I came up with…. we each essentially have our own race…. we’ve got the long one and then various sprints here and there… yet, each of them is our own.  If someone is being a jackass… that is the race they are currently running… while we can raise question… in most cases they will continue to run their race… and in truth, we should let ’em.  Of course there are situations in which others will seek out input et al; however, if someone is hellbent on doing it their way….. all one can really do is let them run their race.

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