Linda Ellis’ The Dash

During a funeral the other day Linda Ellis’ poem The Dash was mentioned.  Just a few words of the Orator’s mention were enough for me to retain the name of the poet as well as the poem.  Once the funeral was over I looked this poem up on my phone.  A profound feeling came over me….this was an incredible work of art.  All too often, I think I ‘know’ about things, have a perfect way of explaining a keen way of looking at things etc. yet, after reading Linda Ellis’ The Dash, I felt anew.  This is such a powerful poem and perception…it truly should bring us ALL back to square one in regard to what is truly important.  How precious life really is.  I have always felt very thankful for the people who are in my life; however, after reading Linda Ellis’ The Dash… I had to take a mental inventory as to whether or not I was truly living My Dash… as it should be.

I need to make sure that I let those I care for – know.  I can do this with family without much concern; however, in regard to Mr. Cute…just how much do I say and how much do I just demonstrate in action alone?  I am not conjuring up something, yet, at the same time I do not want to bombard him with intense comments et al.  I have found myself in a very beautiful place and I enjoy each moment I spend with him and when I am not with him…with the thoughts of him that run freely throughout my day.  I could not wait to see him last night and yet I did not want to appear as if I did not know that he was working.  I simply made dinner with worries of…will he like this?  I hope he enjoys this and similar other little toils.  True to his beautiful nature, he did like it or at the very least ate it.  He neglected to tell me that he had been stuffed since lunch, yet, since he knew I spent time doing this… he said nothing.  Oh, my poor stuffed baby!  In one thought I am elated that he chose not to say anything, yet, at the same time it is never my intent to over-stuff anyone, especially Mr. Cute.

Living My Dash has been an ongoing project, just as it has been for anyone who reads this; however, if you have a moment, I strongly encourage you to check out Linda Ellis’ The Dash.. if you already know about it – kudos!  It’s well worth reviewing and it truly should inspire all who read to live a little better.

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