Living Small

There are big moments in our life, where all we can do is ‘live small’… almost microscopic.  Sure, we’ll pick up, join in and get with the program; however, in certain situations and for undefined amounts of time, there is validity in just pulling back, taking stock.

If you’re a soon to be a new Mommy… and the timing is just not right and/or the situation is so far from ideal.. although you cannot stop the inevitable, you certainly can take a moment here and there and just escape.  Yes, decisions earlier could have been made, but, the fact that parenthood is on the horizon indicates that you made the decision you wanted.

Life has a funny way of ‘delivering’ things when they are meant to be, even though it may not be perceived as the right time.  Some of the worst experiences in the world turn out to be the best teachers.

Those that fail to launch, could be perceived as not thriving; however, each person has their own ‘race’ and in truth, they will run it, when they can.  Some will walk through life, yet, there’s nothing wrong with that either.  We tend to measure others by the path & pace that we follow; however, that is probably the worst way in which to do it.  We would not want to be measured by another’s gait, so, why is it that we do it?  Well, it’s instinctual and we do not know any better.  I am definitely not saying that there is anything wrong in this approach as I do it too; however, I try to step back and realize that my race is mine and to keep my eye on my own paper.  Yes, there is overlap and perhaps some of their individuality is affecting me, but, I must digress… it still is their race.

When we feel small, we can truly take that inventory that everyone should take here and there.  I know for me, I tend to think big, when I am being small as that is where some of my best ideas and failures have been born.  I celebrate failure almost as much as success, simply because I tend to learn more from what does not work than what does.

I have one of the greatest minds when it comes to assessing, solving and improving personal relationships; however, my own personal track record is nothing short of a train wreck a mile long.  I am also very skilled in professional solutions; however, some of my own fall short of where I truly think I should be.  It’s funny how you can be so skilled and yet to deficient in the same arena; however, in truth – aren’t we all a tad like that?

When someone comes to you and their gait is not at pace with yours… it definitely does not diminish their value, it provides a contrast as to how different we are.  This is a difference that should always be celebrated, because if they mirrored us.. where would the excitement be?

It’s easy to want to see where you’ve gone wrong or failed, when a child of yours has fallen short according to the rest of the world standards; however, is that the world in which they live in?  We, as parents want to take responsibility for how our children turn out; however, in truth from the day a child is born, they are their own person.  Sure, we, as parents guide them; however, just like you can lead a horse to water, that’s about all you can do, whether they drink or not is up to them.

Children are interesting and yet, they, end up on the same life path we, as adults have had to take… at one point we were all adorable, helpless beings and some have managed to remain that way as adults, yet, there is no fault or blame… it’s simply the way it is – the way they are.

I have a laundry list of things that I hope no one ever truly remembers about me and yet at the same time, I hope that I am remembered in some way… Rarely does anyone remember what you said, but, they definitely remember how you made them feel… If I had to say something to someone that wanted to take responsibility for how another turned out… I would want to make sure that instead of focusing on what it was that they did or did not do… that instead they focus on how they make that other person feel… as that is what will truly be remembered and I have reason to believe… that everything done or not done would pale in comparison.

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