Make A List…..

It’s no secret that Mr. Cute has positioned himself in the No Way category; however, the audacity of this person is simply comical.  I recently made a request for the rest of my ‘stuff’ and his reply was  to provide a list.  Now, that would make perfect sense if we had spent a short lifetime together and there were questionable.. what do you want items; however, we spent a few moments together and the items are not shared things, but clearly mine.  So, the request that I provide a list is simply insulting.  Is he really confused about a pair of women’s heels… do the dresses hanging in his room resemble part of his wardrobe?  I think not and yet, he wants a list… Oh, I so want those shoes back and yet, I am unwilling to pony up for another one of his hoops in which to jump.

Is he trying to maintain a connection by keeping these items?  I highly doubt it as I am more than aware how done he & I are… yet, why on earth would anyone want to keep clothing that they would never wear?  I was more than cordial & clear in my original request… Please let me know when I can come by and pick the stuff up.  My ideal would be sans an encounter with him; however, I am adult enough to be civil & quick.

Although I will use this story as a favorite to tell… I am not that hung up on whatever is there.  I realize that if something is ours, we, in essence should want to have it in our possession; however, whatever is there.. does not warrant another interaction with his maniacal behaviors.  All this time I had considered him reasonable and yet this is where he is drawing the line.  Well, I suppose if you have an unwilling participant in your antics.. you do what you can to ‘hold on’ and yet, why?  What’s the point?  Again.. the world may never know.

A friend had asked if Mr. Cute was perhaps a little on the feminine side and although I had never thought about it, there are definitely certain things that come to mind now.  Here I had viewed him as a man’s man, yet, when asked some additional questions… I now wonder.  Unfortunately if he is that way… the shoes will never fit!  The dresses, perhaps; however, they are not cut for his form.  Maybe there’s some Buffalo Bill action going on.. but, I doubt it.  I would argue that he is a man in all intensive purposes; however, he is in fact slow to the proper way of handling things….

Oh.. The List Request how silly it is.  By now I would guess that my items have made their way into a box or bag or perhaps they are already landfill somewhere… it would be comical nonetheless if he were to hold onto them for the next woman… but, that would probably boost my ego more than he would care to do.  There’s really no point for him to hold onto these things and yet he does.  He so easily let me go by the wayside and yet, he’s invariably laying claim to some of my stuff.  How odd!

Well, as far as I am concerned those things are long gone..they are things I owned.. paid for and at one point or another wore… but, they are not worth the agony that he will try to engage in… they are not worth the drive in which to retrieve and in truth, with the exception of the shoes.. I am not quite sure which dresses are there.  This alone tells me that those things are not as important… yet, everyone wants their stuff.. even if they do not accurately recall what it is.

People are funny… he was ever so cold, yet, he clings to inanimate things that  serve as reminders of me….  This behavior alone stumps me – again…

I bid farewell to my black patent-leather shoes… 3 dresses of unknown style and probably a few other odds and ends… Enjoy them Mr. Cute….

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