Member: Ass of the Month Club

members_onlyI do not want to put too much pressure on my current situation; however, after long last, I’ve disconnected myself from the club.  I truly believe that for many years, I’ve had a membership to the Ass of the Month Club and NO, this is not some porn site… In truth, I think that I had to date so many jerks, in order to appreciate and truly value the one I’m with now.  I say ‘now’ because it’s current; however, despite this early moment in our relationship…I do not see me finding anyone as lovely.  Yes, I said – Lovely!  He is!

In truth I wrote this post about a year or so ago.  We met several years before that; however, a chance run-in allowed for us to be reunited…I am thankful that we were brought back together.  If I would have tried to make this happen, it never would have worked.  I am not doubting myself, yet, it just would not have carried the same weight.  I scoffed at all of those who told me over the years to just let it come….or love comes when you least expect it.  I wanted to go to it, I wanted to expect it – I wanted to make it happen, yet, as I look back – I’m glad I did not have a hand in it.

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