the meaning of life is to live it2 Different states, 2 potential countries… where will we meet up?  Will it be blissful? Will it be what we’ve both tempered to dream of? Questions asked; however, far too early to answer.  Is this the beginning of the love story to end all others?  Will she see in him, what she’s hoped for?  Will he see in her, what he has thought of? Oh, the questions are as endless as are the thoughts.  Exciting!

After 2 cross-country trips in 1 week, he deserves comfort, caressing and companionship as the road is a lonely place to be.

Will it be under the Minnesota sky or amidst the serene waters of Ontario or perhaps will she venture east on, yet, another adventure of travel?  Or will the 8th come before we know it…. Questions are fun as they give adults the time in which to dream… wonder, hope and seek.  Answers are necessary in many cases; however, in certain situations… answers are not so much needed to be spoken, yet, felt, enjoyed and savored.  While we may always have questions, we need to be open to the answers coming in various forms… a smile, a kiss or perhaps a soft touch.  Unspoken, yet, felt answers are sometimes the best way in which to truly say what you mean.

Until the day… I wait with anticipation and that little flutter that every young lass sees in the fairy tales and that every woman truly dreams for….

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