Missed Moment or Moment Missed

261748_4252539770077_207554766_nLast night I spent a great deal of time speaking with a very handsome man.  I had wondered if he had interest or if he was seeking conversation with someone other than his travel mate. We spoke of past relationships, where we are now, the B-52’s and photography.  It was a wonderful exchange and far more in-depth than the typical hello, good morning and good luck that we exchanged in past.  The language barrier was minimal; however, whenever critical words were needed, they appeared to be missing.  It made the whole conversation that much more meaningful.  I wanted to suggest the word; however, as I watched him look up in hopes that the word would appear in the air – it didn’t; however, that whole display was so fun to watch.

As he walked me back to my cabin, he walked ahead of me in which to stir up the frogs, so that I would refrain from shrieking, there’s just something about little creatures springing from the ground that make me lose it. Despite his gentlemanly attempt, I still shrieked; however, it was more subdue than had I been alone.

As I walked up to my door, he did not follow… he stood at the bottom of the stairs for an invitation.  The bugs were crazy annoying, so, whether I wanted him in or not, he had to come in… simply because I no longer wanted to be bug food.  In truth, I wanted him to come in as I had cameras for him to look at.  We stood and spoke about lenses and he helped me to understand all of the little things I’ve purchased over the years and have yet to use.  He was so incredibly helpful!

Then as the night continued on and he had packing yet to do … we said our goodbyes… I extended a hug and he reciprocated.  I did notice that right before, he had taken out the second mint I had given him; however, I was not sure if that was merely to get it out of his pocket or what…. in any event, the night ended with that hug and the eloquent way in which he says my name.

What a wonderful thing… I’ve made a new friend!  Yet, in the back of my mind and in the dreams of tomorrow… I will always wonder… was it a Missed Moment or a Moment Missed…perhaps that is the romance of it all.

Not every story has to have a happy ending.. in fact, in truth – it doesn’t even need an ending… as dreams live forever!

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