Museum Quality

Have you ever known someone SO crazy that you want to encase them in glass and sell them to the Guggenheim?  I do!  In fact I have 2 that I know of.

The one is certifiable whereas the other one could with some assistance probably find their way back to Saneville; however, at the current rate that these 2 are going I would have to say that there is no solution in sight.

It’s unfortunate that one can be so sure that they are right where everyone else on the free planet is wrong; however, that appears to be the issue here.  I have often wondered just how can one person, no, wait make it 2 THINK they are the ONLY ones that know how to do things despite their ever-present track record of screw up after screw up?  How can that be?

The only possibility complete & total insanity.

I still think they’d make an awesome exhibit; however, they are out on the streets of this great nation… perhaps you will get a glimpse or you may even end up having an interaction… they’ve been known to spread their craziness through many fine towns.

I’ve never seen Bigfoot; however, I will always remember my interactions with Thing 1 & Thing 2.

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  1. I’m sure I am one of the people you are referring to since I found this particular essay under “Family”. Do you think you should be posting this on a public forum?

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