My Dance with Disaster

chickenI will be the first to admit that it takes all kinds of kinds; however, there are certain people that literally stand out from any crowd and NOT in a good way.  They are easily noticed by their nervous energy, Chicken-neck and general unrest. One is simply drawn to their overall train-wreck lifestyle.  Much more interesting than a squad on the side of the road.  Is it wrong to intentionally engage with someone like this?  If your intentions are to assist, does that then make it relatively OK? Yet, what if you’re just enamored with how fucked they are to the point where you stick around simply to watch the disaster?  I’ve joked that I watch Hoarders in order to feel as if my home is spotless, therefore, it would make sense that as I experience some of life’s foibles that I would be drawn to someone whose ‘handle’ on life has broken.

I’ve met many different types of people and in truth I treasure the differences,hot_mess opposing views and the paths they’ve chosen, yet, this particular type of person is a first for me.  I have found myself itchy after interacting.. not because of a contagious concern, but, simply because I wonder how someone could be so jumpy, unsettled.

I’ve since lost touch with this person; however, I know this much there’s one less in a village tonight!


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