My Own Star……

Although each person is their own… I definitely see some similarities in my Mr. Special with some of the Silver Screen’s best people….

He is a smooth driver… but wet or dry, he is ruggedly handsome…..

Jason Statham

Definitely someone who has a strong patriotic background… he is also someone who notices the girl that no one plays with near his home.  He is definitely a kind, considerate person that feels the pain of others and is willing to be friendly.

Clint Eastwood, as if you did not know.....

Something in his blue eyes give off such a calming presence… Father Mickey’s character on Rescue Me in some ways reminds of Mr. Special… yet, what is wonderful is that Mr. Special is not Father Mickey.. but someone oh, so much more handsome….

Robert John Burke

Someone’s presence, how they fill a room is something that I absolutely cannot ignore.  I am not impressed by the obnoxious blow-hard, I prefer one a bit on the quiet side… shy is even ok; however, secure is even better.  I value the person that I have been seeing for who he is … he has a strong presence about him, it’s protective, secure and confidant.  He has a strong voice, yet, he keeps his tone low.. his whispers are alluring and the words he chooses when speaking to me are combinations of things I’ve never heard before.  I enjoy the overall interaction that we have and I appreciate the things that he has done in his life.  He is a strong family man… with a deep love for his children.  This is something that should be a given; however, look around there are many men & women that simply create a family only to leave.  He remains in the lives of his children… and that is something that I find very attractive.

I am not fitting him for a tux, not even close; however, I tend to spend my time with those that I find admirable traits in.  My friends are stand-up people… they are secure, confidant women that make their own mark on the world… my family is composed of an intelligent group of people who have varied interests, strong ethics and other admirable traits.  I do not seek to have a plethora of friends, but, by default or design I am surrounded by incredible people.

As a semi-single woman i.e. not married, but involved & committed to him*, I am not looking for the hottest man on earth … I am looking for someone who is a myriad of things.. they must be strong, not just in physical brute strength, but in mind & conviction.  A man who has a soft tone… it makes his words more alluring…. I have met a wonderful man… he is honest… he has shared things with me that a player would advise him against saying… yet, that is who he is.. honest.  Rather than worry about what he says.. he just says it and it’s flattering and sincere.  I am wild about him, but, even more wild about getting to know him better.

The pictures above do not hold a candle to the real one…but, they give you a slight indication of who resembles him… A strong, confidant, sincere man with alluring blue eyes and a strong chin.  His smile takes my breath away and I celebrate the person that he is… I am sure he has faults… as I do.  I am sure he has errors as I definitely have mine; however, that’s what makes coupling up so fun.  We get to explore new things together, share things and support one another through thick and thin.

Oh, he’s an alluring sight… and that voice, well, let’s just say… he could make millions narrating how to caulk a bathroom….but, instead that voice makes me feel like a million bucks, whenever he says my name.

*If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that currently Mr. Special & I are not a current item; however, I wrote this prior to the ‘text’ and irrespective of whether or not we’re together… my feelings above are present….

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