New Interests….

Over the years I’ve grown leaps & bounds; however, despite that growth, there are still a few things that I tend to avoid.  One of which being motorcycles…. I know that there is a huge world of motorcyclists and that there is a great love of them… but despite my free-spirit and seeing the wind in the face exhilaration that I sense people feel…I’ve remained in the metal boxes for transport.  I am not one to just switch colors or gears when it comes to dating… yet, I want to share things that I have interest in and want to share in his interests.  I’ve met someone with a motorcycle… an interesting, sincere man that I cannot wait to see again!

I remain open not only to learning more about him, but, hopefully in sharing one of his passions….I’ve known Motorcycle Cops, Professional Racers and in truth.. he is one of the few that I would trust.  It’s truly odd that I would say this as I have just met him; however, he simply had that trustworthy demeanor.  Let’s remember in some cases the driver takes more risk when welcoming an inexperienced passenger.  I will listen intently to what he says as I would love to feel the power of the motorcycle… and get my own wind in the face exhilaration… if I fall in love with riding… I will have a lot of letters to write to those I have scolded about their motorcycle.. but, I am a grown girl, I can admit when I am a little on the wrong side.

OK, I have yet to climb aboard; however, his passion is evident and in addition to many other things, I would love to share the road with him….

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