No More Fishing….

Online dating is a funny thing… it can introduce you to someone wonderful or provide you with a host of stories for years to come.

I know that some people like to date around, even, after they meet someone of sincere interest.. they continue to go to the river and cast their line back in.  I’ve never been like that… when I meet someone of true interest… I stop whatever ‘sources’ I’ve been using.  I would prefer to give my attention to one potential, special person rather than the who would ever knows.  I am not talking about stopping my life, I am simply taking myself out of the ring to see where things may go….

I have never been a big believer of ‘playing the field’ it doesn’t come across as sincere.  I believe in giving someone of interest their own special place.. uninterrupted by the masses.  You are never truly able to get to know someone if you are juggling others.  I would not want to be one of many… and therefore, I do not want to treat another that way.

I will take my line out of the water so-to-speak to see, what, if anything may come. I do this not out of expectation, but, out of respect.

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