No Nuts….

In a recent discussion with a friend we got on the subject of Brownies & Nuts.  I happen to be a major fan of nuts in brownies; however, him, not-so-much.  In fact he went onto say, that if we were to get together.. he knew that he could kiss brownies without nuts goodbye.  This discussion has caused a lot of thought lately.  In my opinion Banana Bread, Brownies – anything sweet, SHOULD have nuts in it.  I have also been known to make Banana Bread so that it was 95% nuts and 5% bread…. I am not a big person when it comes to sweets; however, as far as I am concerned, it has to have nuts in it.  My friend wholeheartedly disagrees.  Here’s what I find so interesting and where I am trying to make a parallel comparison..

Recently I had someone come into my life in such a passionate flurry that when he left, it was devastating.. and in truth, I still do miss him; however, despite my devotion to Mr. Special, I have done my best to at least find the horse, bike or saddle and climb back on.  I’ve noticed that there are still some awesome single men in my immediate area; however, much like my version of Banana Bread, I am coming up with about 95% nuts & 5% not.  These odds or results are horrible, horrible!

I really enjoy talking to my friend… What I also enjoy is that he is communicative a major listener and he is kind.  He has not shown a real intensity to meet; however, I am not all that concerned… as our talks are sort of cool.  His aversion to nuts in brownies really has me thinking… Obviously, he is not a nut… and I happen to enjoy our talks… I am not making any sort of futuristic plan, but, I am starting to wonder, is he different… because before meeting him…. it would be relatively clear that….

I may have been inadvertently drawn to nuts?

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