Online Dating No, No!

In my profile I have posted that I am interested in meeting Caucasian males… I do not have a laundry list of requirements; however, that’s a big one.  I’ve recently received a slew of emails from Black Men telling me how disappointed they are… or that some women have avoided them due to the perceived ‘size’ of their anatomy….. Well, truth be told… I, have stated a preference, not a definition of any  person or group.  Why is it that one preference has people in a bundle?  I have written to several people that have not replied, not even a courtesy “No, thank you.” Well, here’s the deal…. sure, it’s a bit offensive; however, I definitely do not write them & chew them out.  I just move on.

I am really disappointed that you wouldnt give a mixed race guy such as myself….I think your very beautiful


It’s my sincerest wish that this message graces your lovely eyes finding you in the best of possible health and spirits. Precious, please do keep an open mind by not limiting your options by omitting cultural re straights and thinking outside the box. Can you explain to me why or so many Asian ladies in Minnesota date mostly white guys and are so skittish of black men? A couple of the friends I’ve made hear told me it was because they believed black men have we’re hung to large, etc, etc.

I have read some of the female profiles on this site and they have everything from… requiring how much a man should make to the type of vehicle he has to hairline and the list goes on.  I am probably more attracted to blue than white collar, but, in truth I do not care.  I think a Driver’s License is a given; however, Mr. Cute proved me wrong there….oh, snap, I mentioned him!  Have a pulse, be honest, be chivalrous, old-fashioned, funny and relatively sane.

I think that when you initially write to someone, it should not start with I am disappointed.  I know that for me, it definitely does not bode well.  I typically reply; however, it is short and to the point.  Everyone has their own preference, beauty is in the eye of beholder… and some beholders are not smitten by my looks or smoking or whatever… why should I care?  It’s hard enough to meet someone where there’s natural chemistry…. why start it out with tension!

I do have to laugh….if this is how they feel a relationship should start i.e. via insults and accusations… then, perhaps THAT is why they are single!

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