Our Story Begins…..

2015It’s much too soon to be using the word ‘our’ with much more meaning than it involving 2 ; however, against better judgment I’m going to begin ‘Our Story’.  We have yet to meet in person, yet, through various forms of communication we’ve established a strong baseline.  There’s a bit of distance for now; however, fate stepped in long before we knew of the other as he’s going to be transferred here for a spell.  As a great future planner, instead of searching where he is currently – he ventured North, quite a bit – North.  Lucky Me!

My faithful foster dog, Chief has some paw in this as well.. our picture on my profile caught his eye and was mentioned in the first email.  I was hesitant at first, when I saw Texas as I was not looking to commute across this great nation for most.  Yet, now, after speaking to him… distance would not keep me away.

What makes this interest different is the sincerity that each of us is able to convey to the other.  Sure, I would venture to guess that we both have some apprehensions; however, they’re minimal, if at all.

One of the first conversations was via Skype amidst my busy day, we made it through… how do you tell someone they look better than their pictures?  How do you jump through your computer screen to sit next to them?  How do you wait a few short weeks until they’re in your state?  These were all questions I had running through my head as I watched him through the screen.

rocky and dogWe’ve texted a great deal and spoken a time or two… he has to remain studious as his training is so very critical; however, selfishly I want him to throw down the books and call me.. even, better yet – let me curl up next to him.  He is Mr. Patient, whereas I’m Ms. IGS… but, we will join up nicely.  Do we fill gaps?  As you know from my other writings the filling of gaps is the goal.

I’ve learned in past to temper my expectations, to not make it more grandiose than it can be and yet at the same time the fact that I can express this to him and not have him run for the hills has created a sense of calm within.  I can say something without worry and he, too has shared a more sincere side.  I’m not the only one expressing feelings here!  What a relief!

We spoke of writing a love story… the romance, the mystery of it all!  He’s very innocent looking, handsome to a fault and his voice, while soft comes through strong.  The broad shoulders that were not clearly defined in his pictures were quite present on the screen.. and that little bad boy inside shows through periodically, just to keep my interest level.  He comes across well-spoken, kind and family-oriented.  All highly desirable qualities. He is far from lewd and/or lascivious, but, has shown enough edginess to fill my thoughts.

I do not desire the damsel in distress story, nor do I want to eat a poisoned anything; however, I want the kiss in the frozen food aisle, the midnight wake-up because he just got back from a trip and the look from across the room that we are intrinsically connected story. That’s the one I want!

Whether our moments are routine or unique… is not of concern, as that is never what truly matters… anyone can create a moment; however, only pure care can stem from those who show it, feel it – believe it.  That is what I want. He can come to me with millions or pennies… that’s never been my care or concern as there are happy people in each category; however, how one reacts to a situation is most important versus someone who is in a situation and hates it.

Of all the things I want most in a relationship – I must have the following; fidelity, honesty, communication, laughter, care, concern and understanding… Of course there has to be chemistry; however, we’ve all had chemistry with those who did not possess the core traits necessary for a truly rewarding and reciprocal relationship.

images (1)It is way TOO soon to tell much of anything right now; however, that is where some of the excitement comes in. Soon he will be here… soon, we will know and perhaps we will be onto the next chapter of; Our Story.

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