Past, Present & Future

Ever since I was young, I wrote….absolutely love it, never much of a reader, in fact, I’ve never understood those who have to read, but, I am sure happy about those who read this blog.  When I started it was for nothing more than to gain experience in website development, understanding php and just knocking around this great big world wide web.  Of course, I am never out of things to say and yes, I get to write.  The blog was to showcase my dating foibles and provide a little humor along the way.  Yes, there are several writings about someone other than Him; however, not anymore.  I thought about deleting writings of love and feelings from my past, yet, that would be silly… those feelings are no longer present and though I do not think of any of them…. to erase them would be erasing a part of the path which inevitably led me to him, the man I love.

I certainly do not feel I am set, in the ‘settled’ type of way; however, I am solid and secure in my feelings for him and I revel in the love he has for me….so, now, what do I do with a blog which was basically The Diary of Every Asshole on the Planet?  Well, I change course, change focus and write on! will be a myriad of stories predominantly focused on being there for friends and family.  The writings will have more Pro-Woman flair and they will be about the struggles we deal with in regular life.  Of course, I would be remiss if I did not throw in a story about Big & Tall here and there; however, now that I’ve found REAL LOVE….. I see no need to share a great deal about the intimate parts of my life anymore!  Selfish?  Nope, respectful and too busy loving him up to write about it!

I did get a very special gift in addition to the man of my dreams and that is his family too!  A wild and crazy bunch of people who welcomed me in almost as quickly as he did.  They’re real people, bravado and posturing aside, they have love, drama, laughter and tears and real got your back support.  I not only gained a boyfriend, but, I’ve gained a Sister too!

In truth it’s hard to be a woman coming in, when his best friend is also a woman…. Yet, she was nothing, but, gracious and kind.  What I remember most is that neither one of us played it safe, we spoke and speak our minds and let the truth fall where it may.  We were real with one another from the start and that is something rare.

It’s fun to be prim and proper when you’re sipping tea with the Queen in a castle; however, I’d rather have straight talk on the porch with wine and blaze orange around me.  I want to know the deal on family versus what a Christmas card shows… I am all about authentic feelings, relationships and sincerity.  I was raised by a real family, we had wonderful times; however, there were moments when things probably could not get worse and yet, at the end of the day… we continued to love one another – that’s what I see in this new group.  Words can be said or thrown across the room like daggers, yet, in the end love still remains.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life single and that is exactly how I wanted it.  I did not see a reason to slow my roll, change my tune or include another into my mix; however, after a few late night phone calls and one amazing date… He changed all of that… and then I met his family…and quickly gained a Sister.  Well, there’s no turning back now and who the hell would want to?  I have more than I ever asked for and with him… more than I ever knew I needed.

It is quite wonderful to be in love with the person you’ve been searching for your entire life; however, it is even more special to have an entire group of people who you immediately love as well!

So, if you so choose, you can read about some of my past… as I’ve deleted nothing, or you can call me for the present or just register and see what’s to come in the future…. in any event, thank you for being a reader as I sure do like to write!

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