Perception Friend or Foe?

I’ve written in past about how precious time can be; however, I think it’s worth mentioning again.  As I plan to attend the funeral of a friend that has recently crossed over to the other side… I am reminded just how lucky I am to be here – today!  I have the ability to interact with those that I love & care for.  I have the luxury of breathing air in and out.  I can do just about anything that I want and I also have the option of doing nothing at all.  How great it is to be alive!

Recently a family member has been forced to face some very hard realities.  It’s for me to watch this go on as there is little to nothing that I can do; however, I am able to help in a few small ways.  When I think about the things that upset me, I am conditioned to really put my eyes in focus and make sure that I review just how lucky I am…despite what may before me.  I started to do this quite some time ago; however, now it is almost instinctual.  I urge you to do the same…

Whenever I am hit with bad or upsetting news, I listen to the person sharing…. then, before a reaction, I take a moment to quietly review what they are saying and then I try to look at it from a rational perspective.  In most cases since it is not my situation I can do this quite easily; however, when I am faced with a difficult situation that directly affects me…. I still try to take a moment, step back and come up with a rational perspective.  This moment or two has really improved my overall demeanor.  I tend to be less stressed, happy and calm… it is not fool-proof as I do stumble here and there, yet, for the most part, I am all good.

There have been a few recent occasions where I could totally see myself losing it; however, by doing this little exercise I’ve been able to address situations versus reacting from a strange or precarious point of view.  I feel better doing things this way as it allows me to be calm.. and not so tense.

In getting back to what has happened with my family member… they are doing better and I do hope that I am never personally faced with the things they are working through now.  Life can be filled with very exciting times.. yet, it can also be very trying at times.  When I think about life in general I cannot help, but, smile… it is in many cases what you make of it and in some situations what it makes of you.  As I go forward I continue to breathe in and breathe out.. and I so very thankful for just being here.. Sometimes when all you have is the air within your lungs… that should be enough for you to be thankful.. as there are some that are fighting for that next breath.

Attitude & Perception… the only 2 things any of us can truly control!

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