Proctologist By Design or Default

No, I did not endure the countless hours of medical school; however, I must admit that my dating experiences have earned me the right to claim the title.  I would venture to guess that I have dealt with more a$$holes than a Proctologist at a Free Clinic.  It’s not all bad, as each person brings a new set of learning although some of the behaviors remain the same…at the same time I am unable to group them all together.  So, with each new post, there’s inevitably a new person or action.  Well, I am not quite sure if this is a real tale to tell, yet, it has been ages since I’ve written, I simply had to post something.

I can see a repetitive action coming about.  I would prefer to not be the one that looks over another’s shoulder; however, something caused me to check and see if he had remained off.  Yet, my ‘checking’ rendered a result I simply did not want to know.  I guess curiosity got me!  Thank God, I’m not a cat!

It has really caused me to wonder… why am I so concerned about a profile, when, in truth the opportunity can present itself online or off. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?  Well, irrespective of the logic, it appears to matter to me.  I want to be reserved, understanding and well, sane – so, I tend to try and understand the true reason.

It has become abundantly apparent that all behaviors done are not necessarily something to get all bunched up about.  As I continue to go through each day I am faced with many things that rate as more important.  My mind sets focus on them, yet, there’s that burning itch that requires my attention to the matter that should not matter.  I had made a comment, “I wish I was more upset than I am.” How odd!  Who says that?  Well, I guess I do!

I started to think about that statement more and it came to me.. am I really upset or merely offended?  If this was something that really rattled my roost, then, I would be much more upset; however, if I am offended, well, then that’s enough of a reason right there as to why this one thing has riddled my brain.

As of right now I am in contemplation mode.. decision and/or reaction mode is next!  Stay tuned!

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