245561,xcitefun-ujala-is-a-queenYou were a queen! Your memories reveal that you were a powerful and enchanting queen in your past life! You were seductive, romantic, strong, determined, and a true lover of the arts. You were admired by your kingdom and relentlessly pursued by the all the men (and even the ladies!) of your realm. Your beauty still shines through in this life and it’s clear to all who know you that you’re royalty at heart. You are irresistible and draw all of your lovers like moths to a flame.


I would tend to agree with this; however, not too much weight is ever put into any of these online quizzes, yet, I find them fun and to some degree some could provide insight.  Yet, much like anything else one tends to listen when the music is to their liking, right?

One of my biggest issues with online stuff are the amount of spelling errors.  I am sure I have some in a few of these posts; however, the substantial number of the incorrect use of their, there & they’re are enough to drive anyone with most of a brain – crazy!  I get that quick uploads can cause errors; however, why would someone not take the time to at least attempt to put out quality work?  Is it because the effort would be too much, given that little to no effort was put forth to pen to paper write something out.  Just a few taps of a keyboard and click of a mouse an voila online content.  How lazy are we?

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