Radiance Abound

I’ve been the reader/follower of many relationship blogs… and I have learned some invaluable things… yet, what I have learned most is that there are more blogs about issues than about successes.  I totally understand that someone else’s joy amidst your pain or confusion may be hard to stomach; however, when I think about it from the outside… I cannot help but wonder… are we happier reading about another’s issues?  Is it more comforting to know that we are not the only one suffering through something?  Do we feel better if we surround our thoughts with the knowledge that someone else is hurting too?  What does that then make us?  Trust me, I have been a host to many a pity party; however, when I think about things from a different angle I realize that I am always happier when around others that are happy.  I tend to get affected by the moods of others… I may not weep, yet, when the whole room is filled with doom & gloom, I am not compelled to whoop up my arms.

I am not trying to down those that seek out self-improvement or those that are looking for answers to questions that they have as I do that too….yet, I must say that when we only look at negative things, we, by default will only have negative outlooks.

This post is on a more positive note… it’s about Radiance All Around… Feminine Radiance, Masculine – Radiant Life, in general.  I am on an up day today… it is entirely possible that tomorrow’s post will be doom & gloom; however, I am going to do my best for it not to be.  I am writing about expelling beauty.. everywhere, sharing happiness… letting it just ooze out of me!

I have some real issues going on…. life for me could be better; however, all of the things that are truly bothering me are superficial….bills, the ends not always meeting, recorded collection calls and I could go on; however, am I sick?  Nope.  Do I have both my legs?  Yep!  Are my parents living & healthy?  Yep.  Is my son enjoying his entry into adulthood?  Yep!  Do I have a job?  Yep!  Do I have a vehicle?  Yep!  Do I have friends? Yep!  Do I have internet?  Yep!  Do I have a cell phone?  Yep!  Do I have a bed to sleep in?  Yep!  I could go on and on and on…. In truth, I bet you could come up with a similar list… This is something that I really need to focus on… I understand that owing money is a hard thing to go through; however, I think most of us owe some… yet, if you do your best to make your debt go away…. then you are one of the many contributing members of society.  You are among similar people.  This is comforting.

Being an individual is an incredible thing; however, sharing similar values and behaviors is also a very powerful thing.

I’ve been writing about Mr. Cute and our silence; however, as you know I write posts here and there and publish only one daily.  Life is always full of something, yet, despite all of that.. here’s the deal…. irrespective of the daily toils, try to be beautiful through it all.  I am not talking about external beauty, but internal.  If you are able to take air in your lungs, then you are given another chance to experience something beautiful…. elaborate and vibrant.

I have no idea what is to come and I am thankful for the things that I have experienced and I am anxiously hopeful that the future will be just as beautiful as I feel!

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