Retiring Mr. Cute

Well, it’s been a good run and in truth there were a few isolated exceptional moments; however, those do not make up for the consistent behaviors that were all too hard to endure.  So, with enthusiasm and excitement I announce that Mr. Cute will no longer be a subject of any future writings…. We bid him a ceremonious adieu simply because I find it more fitting than just not saying anything… of course that would be indicative of his final days…. yet, I am better, bigger and more mature than that.  I do believe that everything worth anything deserves something said.  It could just be my overall nature that invokes this feeling or it could be the female DNA that I will more than likely blame this on.

In any event…. this Chapter or Cliff Note is over and we are not necessarily onto a brand new book… yet, we’re simply going to leave that poor dead horse alone…. and the hatchet, well, that’s underground too!

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