Right Writing

I’ve written several posts that are either about or mention Mr. Cute; however, it should be said that although he has become a central subject in my writings.. his position in my life is as a part, not as a whole.  I enjoy writing about various experiences of which he has recent participation in, yet, it is important to note that there are other areas of my life in which I keep a lot closer to the vest.

Each are important and each have a sincere place in my heart; however, I never share ALL as I simply refuse to just let it all hang out.  I write enough and I write with intent to open up, yet, as with most bloggers there is always something that you keep for yourself.  Perhaps I am wrong; however, I think each writer writes to express; however, when we open it up to the world… it is human nature to hold back, just a tad.  Am I wrong?

Blogging has become an avenue of release, expression and self-reflection.  I am able to write something out and then look at it sometimes from very different eyes than when it was in front of me.  There are also moments of clarity in which I see where I have erred and through blogging I have been able to get feedback from others that truly inspires me to continue writing.

I recently switched blog url’s and am really happy to see some of the people find me once again!  I am also open to new followers as I believe collaboration is key!

When I write, I feel free I always have… prior to blogging I used numerous Composition Books, spiral bound notebooks and even hard-cover journals… there are a ton of these in storage and someday I am going to get them out and perhaps share some of the earlier works of CountryClaire.

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