Rocky – THE Most Romantic Series In Existence!

Ever since I can remember, I have always regarded the Rocky movies as THE most romantic love story – ever!  I recall how excited I was when the new Rocky sequel would be announced.  There was something about the very first movie that struck me and each sequel after it maintained that hold.  I know that the main plot was pretty easy to know; however, the main plot is not what I found so endearing… I grew up watching how much Rocky loved Adrian.  Despite her nerdy appearance and quiet nature, she was his Queen.  From the first fight with Apollo Creed to the last bout with Tommy “The Machine” Gunn, Adrian stood by Rocky’s side.. and in the last of the series Rocky Balboa… Rocky appeared to still have Adrian right by his side.

The marriage proposal at the zoo – priceless… don’t remember it?  Click here.

The various arguments that they had, where she inspired him to step back into the ring or to train with his head in the game… each carried such meaning for me.  I am sure some will write me off after reading this one; however, think back… Rocky did not go after some bombshell.. he went after someone that he saw beauty in.  He went after someone that ‘filled gaps’ – and she stood by him throughout it all.

I do not need to end up with a boxer… chances are, it will not be an Italian as my eyes and heart are focused on a German; however, I want the connection that they had.  One of the most touching scenes in the last movie was when Rocky was talking with Paulie… and Paulie asked.. Are you mad because Adrian left you? and Rocky’s response was:  She didn’t leave, Paulie, she died.  This was such a powerful scene… his love & devotion for Adrian was throughout the movie.. and it was true to form of the previous 5.

Movies like Titanic, How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days, The Notebook etc. are nice; however, for me, it’s Rocky.  Irrespective of whether the fighting looks real or not or the real life relationship of Sylvester Stallone & Brigitte Nelson.. the make-believe Rocky & Adrian connection is what I find to be romantic.  I am not locked into the people or feel the desire to move to Philadelphia… I just value & appreciate the devotion Rocky had not only for her, but his family… Rocky did what he had to do for his family… and they were there to support him.  This is big… even when everything was lost to the dishonest Accountant (Thanks, Paulie)… they remained together and despite a stark change in luxury.. they remained tight, home-team.  This is what true love & devotion is… being there whether the times are fat & good or lean and not-so-good.  Commitment…. is huge to me.  Faithful… is another big one.  Honest.. well, that’s just a given.

In the last movie, I was surprised that Adrian was not in it; however, despite her huge role in all of the other movies… her absence was apparent as you did not see her; however, her memory was alive & well throughout the movie.  Although I want to share a long life with Mr. Special, I also value the memory that Rocky maintained throughout the last movie.  It was apparent that ‘she’ was still very much a part of him.. that’s true love.  All too often we convince ourselves that lust is what makes things hot.. it’s not even close, it’s far deeper than that.  True love is something that incorporates lust and so much more.  Sharing the ups and downs… being there even when the person may not want to hear something.. and always accepting of who that person is… these are all traits of true love… not expecting a change, but reveling in the differences.

I am not living in a make believe Rocky world, I simply appreciate what the writers did for the love story, oh yeah and the boxing…

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