Screaming Girls Annoy Me

slumber_partyLast night I went to a friend’s house to keep me from going elsewhere.  When I arrived she had to leave for a while and so there I was with 3 High School Freshmen Girls.  Oh, there was screaming, shrieking and laughter…for what?  I have no idea; however, it was constant.  There were small moments of silence where someone was drinking cocoa or they were getting ready to plan their next move; however, the running around, the shrieking and giggling were pretty constant.

I wondered what the hell was so funny?  They were not deep in thought, even when we were reviewing Civics homework.  They were not contemplating their next professional move and there was not even a mention of any male, well, there was a brief mention of a boy with a beret (no, not the kind you find in a secondhand store); however, it was hardly a sentence, if that.  The giggling continued, the shrieking continued and the running around continued and all I could think about was how these screaming girls annoy me.  Yet, not for the reason you’re thinking…. they annoyed me because they were up close reminders of who I no longer am.  These past few weeks have been riddled with worry, despair, sadness and wonder… instead of a semi-sentence of a boy, there were entire night’s of conversations about a boy.  I was not running around or jumping nor did I have a tail following me.  I was in essence trodding and plodding through my days with no smile in sight.

I realize that with each year we grow a little older; however, it does not always guarantee wiser… Last night I was reminded of just how fun it can be to enjoy whatever is in front of you.. be it a pair of dice on a tin plate, floating pieces of burning tissue or the uncontrolled laughter for no other reason than being alive with friends.

I have to admit….it’s a true gift to be so annoyed.

Oddly enough, even this old dog.. could learn a thing or two from the pups of the world…


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  1. I appreciate your heart to continue learning by self-evaluating and desiring to enJOY life! Even when it’s annoying J

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