Settling In

Have you ever wondered why some people stay together?  In all honesty, it is never truly anyone’s business; however, at the same time, there are those moments in which you simply have to wonder.  For the most part I keep my eyes on my own paper, I have enough on my plate to nurture a small elephant family and in truth, I know more about my situation than anyone else.. so that is where my attention, focus should truly be, yet, like anything else.. when you see something odd, you simply have to take a look.

I suppose it is easy for some to just go through life and keep their focus in their lane; however, I am inherently someone that wants to help.  Now, in saying that I do not think that I have the solutions to the world’s problems and/or its occupants, yet, I firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and most things can be solved when you are open to accepting assistance (at times) from others.  In some cases listening to someone else can be the best solution for their ailment.  For others it requires more than you are willing to give, but, those people are easy to spot and avoid.

I am not out to get into someone’s business; however, at the same time I am not going to run from someone that seeks my friendship either.

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