Shame On Me!

upintheairIt’s been forever and a day since I’ve added something new; however, there’s no excuse – well, there are excuses, yet, if you’ve spent any time on my site – you’ve come to know I’m not one for excuses!  No Whining!  Oh, what a time I’ve had lately, some good, some not-so-good, yet, if I am on this side of the dirt, it really isn’t that bad.  Let’s see, where to start, where to start?

Well, I did my level best; however, I simply could not continue to live in the shadow of another.  I wanted this to work as we had some real chemistry, connection and history, but, the truth revealed itself and while it hurts to be lied to it really stings to be lied to by someone you thought never had it in them.  Yet, no one should be put on that high of a pedestal.

I gathered up what I could of the pride I felt I’d lost and kept it moving.  On a whim and at the suggestion of a friend, I hopped on the Tinder bandwagon.  After swiping incorrectly several times, I came across someone who appeared fun – who doesn’t look like fun on a hover board, while obviously at work.  So, this time I swiped right and meant it!  My day went on as planned, relaxing with the dogs, catching up on Netflix and do, be, do, be doo… Plink – You have a new match!  Well, let’s just see if it’s another one of the dolts I mistakenly right swiped, when I should have left!  Nope, it was hover board!  As I delved into his profile a bit deeper, I saw it plain as day… Minot!  Well, I had no idea Minot was within 25 miles of Minneapolis… oh, wait – it isn’t.  Well that’s a fine way to start this off.  The first man I find of interest lives some 400 miles away….looks like Cupid has the same disdain for me as he has in relationships past.  Ok, enough crabbing, Claire – go with it, he may have just moved.  So I write… and then wait.  Do, be, do, be doo… a little while later a message appears and there’s a little banter of a conversation going.  Soon, I tire of Tinder being in my business and suggest a text or even better, a phone call.. he obliges and we leave the safe confines of Tinder into an exchange of phone numbers……oooooooooooo, serious! haha

I am all about technology to a degree; however, I need to hear someone’s voice, are they weird, do they get my humor, do I pick up on theirs?  Tonality, inflection, these are critical things…. he had a soft voice and came across intelligent, fun and I was curious.  In our conversation the distance mystery was resolved, he WAS in Minneapolis and decided to Tinder a little as he drove back home to, yes -Minot.  Well, call it what you will; however, I think Fate or Serendipity kicked Cupid’s ass and Minot and I ‘matched’.

I did not see myself loading up big blue to make the trek; however, he was set to come back on the 18th of July for an event and we planned to get a meeting setup.  It was exciting… he had a great personality and during our conversation various pieces of information came out that I took to be very meaningful and I respected and valued his honesty.  Do handsome, honest men who are actually bonafide single really exist?  Ummmmmmmmm… maybe!

Well, the big day came the 18th of July, I woke up the regular time 0430 AM and tried to sleep in a bit longer; however, by 0600 I was up … the coffee pot was going and I was excited to meet Minot… sometime later.  I sipped coffee and watched Netflix, similar to the weekend when I Tindered for the first time.  Oh, what a partier I am!  Then, I got the text;  “Good Morning.  The flight is cancelled.  Big thunderstorms between here and there.  Might try for later or tomorrow.” Well, being all about safety, I was not going to sniffle or beg, I guess Mother Nature was putting her 2 cents in on my personal life.. thanks, bitch!  So, I guess, well – we’ll see.  I still did not see me loading up Big Blue.

He then makes a great, yet, somewhat odd suggestion, would I want to fly out there… I guess before I could really think about it, he sent a text, if you want to come out, you have to leave now… As I sat in my Saturday best with my hair looking as if I tried to look homeless, I thought – what the hell and sprang from the sofa, summoned my driver and hit the showers.  I threw what I thought I would need in a bag, where’s my HOT G invention when I needed it and I was out the door on my way to MSP.  Locked, loaded and ready for Minot.

Once I was through TSA and able to take it down a notch, I thought about everything that had gone on in a very short period of time.  I was now at the Gate ready to fly out to meet someone I met on a site, known specifically for hook-ups?  Of course, my hook-up requires a plane ride as nothing Country Claire is ever status quo.  What if he’s a 4 legged monster with hair down to his ass with a habit of snacking from the various crumbs on his shirt?  What, if he was nothing that he said he was… what if he was a chick?  Oh – worry, worry – who cares, just go and if it’s horrible come back at least this is more exciting than watching Tiger touch Kitty’s butt.

Before I knew it we were wheels down in North Dakota…. as I walked out of the gate area, there was a man standing there with a good portion of his lunch still on his t-shirt and I immediately grabbed my phone and looked straight down… if that was him, I could try to pretend I was deep in text reading mode hoping that I would not fall head over ass down the escalator as I was NOT looking…. I then see a text, I’m out front in the convertible.. and a feeling of relief overtook me as t-shirt was not looking at his phone, when this was sent.  I looked outside and there was a White Mustang, in truth, even if Minot was not as handsome he was still going to be much better than t-shirt.  As I walked out of the airport, there was a woman in front of me, she had no idea but when I went to the right, so did she and then when I would try to skirt to the left, she did as well, I almost wanted to ask her, if she had been sent by Cupid; however, by the time I got to the curb, she stepped to the side and there he was – MUCH more handsome than his pictures and he greeted me with a wonderful hug and I think…….kiss.  I was so happy.. no cat-fishing and t-shirt was still upstairs.  He opened my door, I appreciated the chivalry and was enthralled by the red interior… it was perfect. He had a plan for lunch and off we went….

As we drove, I simply could not believe I was actually in Minot with someone who, so far, was everything I thought he would be based on our conversations and smattering of texts… obviously this was enough to set the rest of the weekend’s outlook to good…..and go from there!

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