Statements & thoughts from #KoreanLivesMatter:

I posted this yesterday on Facebook and received wonderful comments; however, I was open to negative views as well.  After all, it’s a free country, still.  In any event I wanted to preserve the 17 statements for eternity, so, I’ve moved them here as well.

I voted for Trump.

I am a woman despite NOT marching and/or wearing a Michelin-sized vagina on my head!

I cuss, when I need to and will knock the ever living shit out of anyone who tries to hurt my dogs, friends or family.

I give honor to the Flag.

I support Law Enforcement, Public Service and our Military.

I do not want to support the lazy.

I believe Keith Ellison to be a self-righteous, grandstanding, son of a bitch!

I dislike pedestrians & bicyclists who think they have more rights than motorists. You may be ‘right’ in the end; however, you may also be dead or paralyzed too and neither are very fun!

I have NEVER liked patchouli oil and I am NOT 4/20 friendly.

I believe in taking back many things we have given up and/or were thwarted into losing.

I will always care for those who cannot do for themselves; however, for those who can do but choose not to, well, if any of them are ever on life-support I’d unplug them to charge my phone.

I am all for those who want to make the world a better place; however, setting things on fire, pouting over election results and/or shows of TREASON are NOT beneficial to the greater good.

Identify as you choose; however, the world SHOULD NOT HAVE TO cater to your choice.

Not everyone is a winner!

You do not deserve it because you exist on this planet – whatever ‘it’ may be.

It’s called Boy Scouts for a reason!

If you feel oppressed – welcome to the world of the working.. where we spend most of our lives slaving somewhere only to have more than half of our income taken and given to those who are too busy to work because they’re out looting, causing traffic jams and claiming to be oppressed! You poor souls… someone should build you a sanctuary or safe space, but, FIRST we have a wall and a pipeline to build!

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