I would rather see gangsters at MOA than preoccupied Mothers with strollers.  I would feel safer next to loaded weapons than a Mother who is too busy trying to see if a dress is on sale.

nostrollersIt’s a classic situation… I’m shopping, checking things out.. and then all of a sudden as another person is ‘shopping’ I realize she’s paying more attention to shopping than being respectful as her stroller just rolls in front of Mall Walkers or rolls over someone’s foot who happens to also be looking at the dress.  Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts or whoever with strollers should really consider IF going to a mall with a stroller is a good idea.

I’m unclear as to how beneficial it is to bring a child who is in need of a stroller to the Mall. OK, Camp Snoopy, Nickelodeon or Whatever – is there; however, if you’re truly shopping, then YOUR attention is not on your child.  If you’re taking your child out, then I would suggest taking them somewhere that was geared toward your child and NOT a place where you truly should pay attention; however, there are so many other distractions.  Who suffers in the end – everyone involved, including those who are forced to walk around your stroller, endure the subtle taps of your stroller and those who are slowed down by YOUR stroller.

I raised my son without the every other weekend breaks… no actual partner in the overall upbringing and I never used a stroller in areas where people could barely move around.  I love my son and believe that he was able to go with me anywhere as a young child; however, I never forced a stroller on strangers.  I truly wish other parents felt the same way.

  • No one wants to be hit by YOUR stroller.
  • No one wants to walk around YOUR stroller.
  • No one wants to listen to the screams from YOUR stroller.

I’m not anti-child nor am I anti-stroller; however, I do believe that parents should be respectful.  If we’re wondering why today’s youth are so indignant… I would have reason to believe that it starts with the Moms who demonstrate an over-abundance of importance in a world where all people should keep their own space and respect that of others.

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