A dear friend of mine recently read my ‘cards’ and the primary theme was that in order for me to get out of the ‘rut’ I am in, that I needed to do something for myself.  It did not have to be a big thing, nor did it require tons of money… but, it had to be something ALL for me… Well, I could not think of anything!  She said that it did not have to be big, but it had to be a little splurge ala me.  I continued to think about this throughout the day and still have yet to come up with something.

I believe in Tarot cards and other things, not as something that runs my life; however, I find some of the information very helpful.  I realize that there are things that a card will never be able to tell you; however, for me this is something that I enjoy doing from time to time.

I still wonder, what exactly I am to do for myself… and I have searched the far corners of my mind trying to think of something.  I do love to fish and I went out yesterday to do so; however, it was off a pier and I much more prefer being surrounded by Canada’s waters…. boat or dock.  Perhaps that is what I am to do… bask in the beautiful Canada air for a week or two.

I am sure there is something wonderful that I will come up with; however, as of right now, I am running a big goose-egg.  I guess this is a strong indicator to me that I rarely do things for myself.  I realize that being helpful to others, giving of my time is a great thing to do, yet, if you cannot come up with one thing that you enjoy doing.. then perhaps too much of your time/focus is on others with little to no consideration of oneself.  I get that we should be giving, but, there are times when a little selfish is more than OK.  As I start to think about what it is that I am going to do for myself.. I am also realizing that I need to do more for me.

I will continue to volunteer and offer my time; however, I am going to make sure that I set aside some me time as it apparently has been way too long since I’ve done that.

If someone told you to do something JUST FOR YOU… what would you do?

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