For many Friday signifies the end of the work week; however, let’s give it up to those that trudge on through what many of us consider the weekend!  For me, it starts my time with Mr. Cute!  We’ve been overly steady with our weekend time…. I get over to his place and more often than not I am the first one there.  It gives me a little time to unwind from the day/week and in truth I totally understand his need to do so as well.

I arrived and it was nice… he called me later to see if I could meet him somewhere and I did.  It was great to see him before the sun had set as most Fridays are late nights at the office; however, this was a special treat!  We spent a little time out and then headed back – together.

The evening was relatively lovely; however, I cannot help but notice the tail of the elephant.  Not sure, what the issue is; however, there is still something looming in the air.

I was unsure if I should continue our typical weekend schedule and despite advice from friends… I persevered!  His call to meet confirmed that there was skip in our schedule…yet, it has been a while since I felt like I did when we first met.

I am not one for fairy tales, I want the real thing.  I am not seeking a Knight in Shining Armor… I simply want the man that will be a man and treat me like a lady, not necessarily the Leading Lady or Cinderella…but, nonetheless; special.

Mr. Cute has been lacking in that department… his outside influences could be a cause; however, I cannot be true to myself and give, yet, another excuse.  In truth we had pressures on us before we met and he was more than delightful as we started this journey.. So, what gives?

Well, I give… and I give and give and give.  That’s a problem.  A really big one!  I give because I want to; however, in the dating world a woman who gives apparently is a no-no.  I give out of sincere care; however, that is something that I am learning is a bad move.  I am slowly grasping the concept that a man gives and a woman receives; however, have I missed the mark with Mr. Cute?  Did I give too much for a repair to be possible?

We enjoyed many moments together, yet, I must remember that they are moments and the time between must string them together otherwise, they are just ‘moments’.  I must also remember that since I am not overly demanding, I should in fact get more than I would expect, not less.  He has his ‘stuff’ and guess what, I do too; however, we’re both adults and we should have a general ability to handle what’s in our arena.

I am writing this post Friday; however, it is reflective of how the rest of the weekend trudged on.  At first the weekends flew by and there was hardly a moment in which I could catch my breath, but, today (Sunday) not only did the weekend trod by at times.. it ended earlier than all the rest.

I left sad or perhaps insulted, yet, the positive is that, I left… with dignity in tow.  I definitely know that he cares; however, at this point I am wondering about who… him or me?

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