Take Yourself Out of the Game!

I will be the first to admit that Females of all ages can get a little crazy; however, I would like to make the following request:

Ladies: If you’re dating for dinner, self-validation or you have nothing better to do, please, take yourself out of the game, you’re ruining perfectly decent men with your crap!

I understand that some men come out of the gate USDA Certified Prime Jerk; however, in truth I think most men absolutely love & adore women.  We are soft, where they are hard, we are curvy, where they are straight and we smell nice.  In truth, most men want to be with a woman, until they encounter what I like to call; The Caustic Woman.

Caustic Women exist in every ethnicity, socio-economic class, religion, height, weight, marital status and even sexual orientation.  To break it down with a few bullets, here are the primary traits of a Caustic Woman:

  • They hate men
  • They are out to prove that men are dogs or that they lie
  • They consider men toys for their enjoyment
  • They need a man to get them out of debt
  • They need a man to raise their kids

A Caustic Woman affects both genders, they cause the men that they have infected to question future decent women and they put decent women in fear that they will be viewed as a Caustic Woman.

As a Single Mother throughout my son’s childhood, it was difficult to date; however, I did what I could, when time allowed.  I could quickly tell if a man had recently gone out with a Caustic Woman because in our conversation, he would brooch or come right out and say… I don’t want to take you to dinner.  Hearing that statement the first few times struck me – hard; however, when it was said the third time I asked:  “Why do you think I would expect dinner?”

Luckily this man was willing to share his experience and the reason for this abrupt statement, here’s what he had to say:

I have been dating for a while and I thought it was best to invite a woman to dinner to get to know one another better.  I never felt obligated to pay, because I’m old-fashioned and I had asked them out, but, in one instance, I wanted to see if when the check came, what my date would do.  So, I waited as the Server placed the bill on the table.  I continued with my conversation and shortly after the bill had been placed… my date said:  “You certainly don’t expect me to pay?”  Taken aback by the comment, he quickly replied; “No, not at all, I was just listening to what you were saying.. and did not want to appear disinterested.”  He admitted that he lied to her; however, he found her reaction a lot more offensive than this little untruth.

There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone that has dated, has been hurt; however, realizing that there is no chemistry or coming to the conclusion that one is just not that into you is painful, yet, those are the risks we take when trying to mate-up; however, being taken advantage of or played with is very painful and could be very costly as well.

I know that the world is full of Male Players; however, their motives are typically pretty clear; SEX, whereas, a Caustic Woman has an entire menagerie of motives at her disposal… none of which are clear-cut.

Life in the world of dating would be loads easier if people had the intent to actually find someone in which to share moments with.  I am not set on happily ever after only; however, I do believe that if you come to the plate with sincere & pure motives, you’ve got a better shot at getting sincere & pure in return.  It may not always work that way, but, in the end… the only person you truly should ever want to impress is yourself!

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