The First Major Separation

Well, after a wonderful weekend with Him, he is off to work for an extended period of time.  A month appears to be the minimum; however, it could very well be longer.  There’s talk I will visit; however, nothing has been setup as of yet, but, it IS the first day…. and he is on his way to that temporary home.  We had a bit of time together, yet, when you’re planning to be away for a month or more… there’s lots to shore up.

I am amazed at how this one man can take such a guarded woman and yet, make me so calm.  His smile and strong embrace remind me how lucky I am and how safe and secure we are.  Despite a long day out in the field he still made an incredible spaghetti dinner, which was truly amazing!  In fact, I had a bowl of chunky sauce for breakfast the next day as I watched episode after episode of COPS! It was a wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday.

As he was finishing up laundry and packing I was back on the road to home…. to prepare for another big Sunday Dinner.  He would follow later; however, I think having me around, though pleasant was a distraction as I could not let him alone.  When I am near him, I want to be in his arms, yet, that slows down and confuses the packing.  So, I left…. 🙁

It was a wonderful dinner, complete with his own Tomahawk Rib Steak…. a meal fit for a King!

I will make it through this month because he has told me all I need to know is he Loves me… and that is good enough for me.  I love him too…!

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