The Girl, Not A Girl

Any girl is ‘a girl‘; however, ‘the girl’ is the goal I have.  Recently, I said this to someone.  Not that I was expecting him to just up and love me; however, the situation caused me to say something.  I’ve been a girl in many situations; however, I have yet to be the girl.  It’s a play on words, yet, the meanings are distinct.

I do not need to be the girl; however, it would be nice.

Holding hands was nice.  It felt good. Being reminded that someone can reach out for my hand.  It’s ok.  No doves followed us and there was no fanfare or rose petals being thrown…just 2 hands together.  Moments are precious, they can have deep meaning, even when it’s nothing more than a passing touch.

My cold shoulders were quickly warmed and I had to say or do little to nothing in order to catch his alcohol-distracted attention.  I almost forgot what chivalry was…. welcome back, nice to see you again!

I’ve realized that since I do not read books, I tend to read into just about anything or am I that investigator still? In any event, it’s not so much about the future, it’s the now that I’m most pleased with.  Now, I’m alive. Refreshed!  Rejuvenated!  If nothing more ever comes of this… it will remain in infamy as so very worth it and sincerely special!  Lucky me!

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