The Interview

The IntreviewWell, I watched The Interview.  I must admit that there were several parts that had me in stitches, every once in a while total juvenile antics just get to me – The Interview was full of them; however, Monty Python type blood spurts NEVER were a favorite with projectile vomiting to an extensive degree as a close second.  OK, not really a spoiler it seams that most movies released today have vomit as an actual event.  Yuck!

I’m not sure who did what and trust me, I would be a little weirded out if a movie to kill me was made; however, I find it odd that the US President even got involved in this.  Yet, let me also say that based on who the current President is – it does not surprise me in the least.  Despite real issues relating to Law Enforcement and the disrespect they’ve currently been receiving and a country in turmoil over race and what’s right… getting involved in a movie’s release really should not be in his wheelhouse.  I digress.  Let’s for a moment say that there was a movie set to be released that focused on the assassination of the current President. The movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg had a setting of a potential presidential assassination attempt; however, they were NOT talking about our specific president.

If there were a movie that focused on the assassination of our current President – do you think he would allow its release?  I have a feeling that there would be issues… I get it = I would be freaked out to learn that there was a movie about killing me; however, I do not rank enough to have that sort of attention ( luckily).  Yet, let’s suppose that a movie house set up an elaborate comedy on the assassination of our current President.  Do you honestly think that HE would let it run at the box office?  I highly doubt it.

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