The Men Who Built America

normanOn Thanksgiving 2014 in the wake of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury decision, rioting has ensued across the country. I’ve chosen to watch The History Channel’s series; The Men Who Built America vs. news reports of those who choose to ‘burn this bitch down’.

It’s puzzling to me that anyone would participate in subsequent violent displays as the proper way in which to show upset.  There are many upsetting things in life; however, what point do we have to get to in order to realize that sometimes certain things despite being right or wrong will not change by setting fires and looting.

No one has the power to burn a shop down and expect that it will bring someone back to life.  Pulling an 89 year old man from his vehicle, beating him and then running him over will not turn back the hands of time.

There are moments when all we want to do is run rampant through the streets screaming; however, nothing will truly come of it nor will it reverse what has already been done.  It is hard to see that this will inevitably be, yet, another mark on our history books.  What becomes even more disturbing is what will the reports say?  How will it be portrayed? Who will write it OR has it already been written?  As I continue to see snippets of mentions on Facebook, I become increasingly concerned that there will be inconsistencies that make it into the history books or blogs as that would be the more appropriate publication reference in this electronic day and age.

tommyI feel comfort in watching this show, while I hear clicks from a gun being cleaned behind me.  Yes, I said behind me!  As a side note, I did ask if he was mad at me for anything – he said, no.  So, I’ve turned back around and gone back to writing this post.

I’m at peace with the plans of my day.  I have a wonderful dinner with friends & family scheduled later today, where we truly will give THANKS. In fact, where I’m set to go first, there will probably be a lot of remembrance too.  Irrespective of what is currently going on in the world, each person, family and/or friend has their own battles and in truth, some may be struggling with loss and their own misunderstanding as to why this person or that person is no longer here.  Life is not fair and anyone can be gone in an instant – this is why it continues to baffle me as to how we would want to be so careless with our safety and that of others.  Life is NOT a right, it is a gift – one that can be gone in an instant.  Wake-up, we’re not promised one damn day nor are we entitled to that next breath that we……….. may never get to take.

I’m comfortable with the freedoms that we have and I am so very appreciative in knowing that not one of my family members and/or close friends participated in any public riot or looting.  I have no idea what it would be like to lose a child; however, I also have no idea what it would be like to create additional havoc in the hopes that it would make someone listen to me, respect me and/or believe that I am in my right mind.  I have experienced frustration to the nth degree, just, as I’m sure those who read this have.  I have been so angry and upset that I could see red; however, my reactions tend to be solution and/or understanding driven.  The most frustrating situations are when I come to the conclusion that there is no answer and/or no reversal.

Ferguson is a perfect example of where I simply shake my head.  As I watched the carnage and craziness, I continued to wonder about the children of Ferguson, involved or not who have no chance of turkey dinner today.  The laughter at the kid’s table and perhaps a family football game out on the lawn.  Nope, few will be out, if at all and with the state of the city, I highly doubt that there will be many turkey dinners being basted and tasted. How sad.  This is a holiday that I look forward to with the exception of my waist & hips.  I have always liked this holiday simply because there are no gifts, just family, friends and food.

On this day I am no more thankful than any other day of the year; however, I do let it stand out in my mind as a time when I have always been surrounded by relatively sane, genuinely civil people.  It would be my wish that all people had such a wonderful group of family and friends; however, like anything else life is not fair and/or same therefore it is not evenly distributed.  That is simply the way it is.  I am grateful that I have the family that I do.  I love the friends that I have and have made over the years.  I’m still so very much in love and I truly hope that if you should take the time to read this that you, too have an exceptional day.

Michael Brown is dead.  Darren Wilson has been cleared and I’m bringing the dinner rolls.

If you have to show your disbelief of irrefutable forensic evidence, please, do so in a manner that would make you proud of how you acted.  Loss is best coped with by remembering, not by causing other losses.

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