The Process

I’ve been going through the process… can’t really call it a break-up process, because the crux of not talking with one another makes it near impossible to know what is really going on.  This forces one to just decide on their own… not an ideal situation, but, since we are ONLY in control of what we do, feel, think or whatever… it is ultimately up to us to decide how we are going to proceed.  So, with more than 2 weeks of non-communication I am doing what I can to just go on.

Yes, I miss him, I miss him terribly; however, not the silent, off-putting Mr. Cute, but the one that I met… was that the real one OR is the one I’ve most recently seen/experienced his true self?  I know that he is a beautiful person, yet, for whatever reason he has chosen to show a different side.

Luckily I have the times & moments that choose to remember, if that is what I decide to do and the difficult stuff, well, it will only exist if I talk about it.

There has been a lot going on in the family…. so, my focus has shifted quite a bit… I have also set out on a new venture to put some tile on my floors… so, meeting with contractors, checking out tile etc. has been a full-time focus…

Life is funny, it brings someone grand into your life and for whatever reason shifts so that you separate… in this particular situation I did nothing wrong and in hindsight, if it was really meant to be, it would be.

I’ve started to write articles for WikiHow, it’s been a really great experience thus far and not only do I encourage you to click the image below to read some of my articles, but, consider becoming part of the WikiHow community.  

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