The Voice Mail Queen

I have someone that I know who is the undisputed Voice Mail Queen… this may be an incorrect title; however, she is quite creative.  Perhaps Voice Mail Sniper would be a more fitting title; however, Queen has such an elegant ring to it!

Voice mail is a huge step-up from those pink note pads; however, even in this day & age there are some that do not understand the purpose of leaving a voice mail.  If you are calling a cell phone.. leaving a voice mail that says, ‘call me’ – is pointless in today’s world.. the missed call is a great indicator that you called… and the person will more than likely call you back.. If they want to.. Voice mails, like texts should be informative..Forcing me to call my voice mail to hear, ‘call me’ is frustrating at best.  But, I digress.

The Voice Mail Queen… now, she’s a rare combination of completely crazy, visceral and well below average in intelligence.. put a phone that she can work in the mix and you’ve got real trouble or entertainment, depending on how thick your skin is.

Unfortunately I cannot post a sample until after an investigation has completed; however, I PROMISE you – you will NOT be disappointed… Here’s one excerpt that I will share….

“You’re sh*t, smells like sh*t!”

I realize that reading it, does not put it in its true delivery; however, it was hilarious to hear… Sure, I’d like to feel bad, yet, after voice mail #10, I was way past feeling bad… Oh, if Modern Medicine could only help this lepton!

I love how different people are.. I celebrate in our differences; however, when you are cut from the crazy cloth… I can only hope that you do not have my phone number….

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