Yet, we do not truly appreciate them when they return from serving our country.  Say what you want; however, as a Nation we are kinder to illegal immigrants than we our to those that have risked or given their life for all of the things that we enjoy daily.

I was adopted from Korea in 1970 and am proud to be a United States Citizen!  I am thrilled that I’ve been able to raise my son in a safe environment, that we are free to make decisions and I definitely value the fact that Service Members protect all of the things that I enjoy.  I am also so embarrassed that our Veterans are rallied around (sometimes) upon their return, but, that the pomp & circumstance fades quickly….and the appreciation goes with it.

Today we talk about various trials going on where our once heroes are now holding cardboard signs….. how demeaning would it feel to come back being seen as a hero only to then be asking for spare change?  Yes, I know some will position themselves as homeless vets.. who are not.. but, I am here to tell you that there are many verifiable DD214 Vets out there with signs.

I am not seeking handouts or pity for these fine men & women; however, I think we owe them something and a nickel or dime just isn’t going to cut it.  They risked their lives, came back and many are now homeless…. What exactly did they fight for?

The next time you see someone holding a sign that says Vet…. if nothing else, tell them “Thank You”…. they served their country, your country.

We all make mistakes, get affected by things that are out of our control… yet, are you holding a sign in hopes that perhaps you might eat today?  

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