Wake Up!

I’ve recently come across several videos showing Police Officers stopping motorists and giving gifts. This is wonderful; however, I want to be REAL CLEAR – they DID NOT just start doing this in the wake of Ferguson or NY…. in fact, aside from the $100 or Secret Santa things… the greatest gift that Law Enforcement Professionals have been giving since the beginning of time is protection & service.

A few Negative Events and the whole Nation is judge, jury & executioner (once again) to every Law Enforcement Professional. Take the necessary education, have a past that indicates you’re a lawful person, make application to several agencies, pass the tests, get hired and then have the same person who called for you to come help them, SPIT in your face or be disrespectful. Do this for several days in a row and then let me know how excited you are to get up and do it again – ethically & lawfully. Listen as those who have never had a job claim to be ‘paying your salary’ and endure those who are breaking the law expect you to uphold it…. Day in and day out, Law Enforcement Professionals across this great Nation endure unnecessary scrutiny and still provide ethical service and protection.

If you can’t breathe – stop resisting and if you leave the cigar in the store or pay for it…. no one but the clerk and the customer would have to be involved. No one ‘deserves’ to die; however, no one is entitled to free merchandise either!

Please let me know where you work, I will try and find someone to spend an entire week with you to point out EVERY SINGLE solitary error you make and then see if we can’t find an entire group of people to ransack your house, threaten your life making you so terrified to stay at your job that you resign…..

I do not defend ALL officers nor do I support those who do wrong; however, as you PROFILE an entire country of professionals for the acts of a few… take one moment and step back and realize that this is exactly what you’re fighting to rid in regard to another group/race.

I do not need $100 nor do I need a Secret Santa gift… I need to know that if I ever need a Law Enforcement Professional – they’re there and THANK GOD for those who can get up, get dressed and be at roll call irrespective of the countless reasons as to why they should stay in bed and let the lawless run amok!

Our Police agree to uphold a higher standard of life ON & OFF the clock… not all do and they should be punished; however, for the countless others that continue to do their jobs despite unfair criticism…THANK YOU! You’re an invaluable asset to this Country and are very much appreciated!

As a side note, there are lots of off-camera things that Law Enforcement Professionals do, they’re one-by-one but to the person or child that is positively affected… it is a true act of professionalism, not all of these acts make the news or the net; however, that makes it just that more special as Law Enforcement Professionals do not necessarily do it to be noticed, they do it to be who they are – Awesome Public Servants.

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