Welcome Back!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson recently and I definitely know that it is something that some women know all too well; however, I would venture to guess at the number of blog posts that MOST women do not have a clue as to what I am going to share…..

When a man returns from his ‘cave’ his ‘space’ or whatever you want to call it… all a woman should do is Welcome him back!  Why?  Well, because he truly did nothing wrong.  He advocated for himself… this is something we teach our children to do and yet, when a boyfriend, husband does, they are typically shunned when they come back refreshed!  Don’t!  There’s no reason.

I’ve missed him; however, had it not been for him claiming a little ‘me’ time… I would not have been able to have missed him.  I would not have been able to get a little of my own time either nor would I have been able to have done the things I got done.  I should not shower him with love; however, appreciation is more than in order.  I desire the feel of his touch, the feeling I get when we’re close.  When we together day in and day out I did enjoy that time; however, it was nothing new than the day before…. remember anything good eventually turns to sh*t if it’s constant.

I cannot wait for tonight… the feelings I had before our first date are eerily similar to how I am feeling now!  I am ready to see him… just as he is ready to see.  We are fresh… There’s nothing better than a feeling like this!

I am looking forward to tonight!  Sometimes what we think we want is not what we need….. When put in a situation that you perceive to be negative.. make sure, before you react and/or speak that it really is negative… an extra moment of thought can save you a lot of heartache and unnecessary drama.  You need to be responsible for what you do and what you say – so, a word to the wise, make sure you KNOW what the situation really is before reacting.

He asked for space, I gave it and enjoyed my own…. now, not only is he ready to see me, but, I am ready to be seen.  I like how that has worked out!

A man rarely ever looks for a doormat; however, a Welcome Mat… well, that’s not only what he deserves, but, what he should receive.

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