When Push Comes to Shove, In Love

It had been on my mind; however, was it the person or the action that caused me angst?  When I started to go into it… it became evident that I was not looking at the person, I was recalling the action of another.  Shame on me!  I try to keep each person separate from the other, even if the action is same or similar… well, epic fail on this one.  As I spoke with him, I realized that I was not looking at who I was talking to, but, remembering another that had behaved badly.  It was no consequence for him to ease my insecurity related to this issue and within minutes, if not seconds I had felt a lot better, yet, I felt as if I had better take a picture of the mountain that was once a molehill.

When I shared how I felt… without argument, hesitation or laughing, he remedied the situation.  Like a typical woman, I then said, no… you don’t have to do that; however, that was my original issue.  What a Prince!  I was very happy and then I felt guilty for bringing up something so trivial… He was nothing but sincere, sweet and well, just as he has always been!

I really like him and he is a decent person.  This is something that I know, his treatment is something that I enjoy and he has never really done anything to cause me to wonder.  In short, he’s a doll and I do like him a great deal.  I need to remember this moment and react only to things that are actually things that need a reaction!

Oh, for anyone that thought the title had to do with domestic violence, it doesn’t in any way, shape or form.

Without putting on too much pressure… I do see a White Knight off in the distance and I cannot wait to see him!

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