When Your Rock Becomes A Pebble

hanging onIt’s near impossible for a woman to rely on another without looking needy.  It goes without saying that we, as people need one another in different capacities; however, let’s really look at this:

When getting to know someone you have that excitement period that literally has no time limit; however, in some cases certain things fade as they are replaced with more meaningful items.  In other cases, the excitement is short lived and in truth, those people are replaced with others.  Yet, what about the situation where you know something exists, yet, it’s neither moving forward nor backward?

I admit that I love to be that resource to many; however, for some I go that extra distance… not because I pity them, but, I believe that it is the right thing to do. I’ve been called a Cheerleader and I hate that as I am not the type to just bring the hype for no reason… I have a valid belief that there is something special within them…. that, perhaps they have yet to see or realize.  I give not out of expectation, but, out of belief.  I support not because they cannot, but, because I want to…

A true friend or supporter is not just there for the party, they are also there when everything has gone to shit. I’ve always believed in riding out the storm with the one that you spent the smiles with. Life is not a bed of roses, it can be a cell of thorns and I think that it’s important to be the type of person that doesn’t shy away from the not-so-great moments… at least that’s what I want.

With each person I learn something new about myself.  I now know that I can expand my interest level and even take a straight detour; however, in truth I continue to learn and grow.  Will I stop offering, assisting and trying – never!  It brings me too much joy & satisfaction to ever let that go.

There are moments when I need to get really small and then there are other instances in which I am as big as the hills.. in either case… I align with my primary tenets of operation, I am here to be a rock for those that have been dealing with pebbles.

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