frog_questionHave you ever wondered what the fuck is wrong with 95% of the people walking on this earth?  Typically this question is asked by someone who considers themselves to be far superior; however, quite the contrary, I’m part of the 95% I speak of.

I have made so many jacked-up decisions I’d hate to attempt to recollect them all; however, I am focused mostly on the ones that have lingered on and on and on! Those are the ones that I would love to ponder and share.  I know that most prefer to keep their errors quiet or at the very least to a small group of people; however, I am opening up the floodgates of confession and just letting ‘er go!

I have one of the most unbelievable abilities to read people, know exactly what they will do and overall the type of person they are, EXCEPT, those I have a romantic interest in.  That’s a flat out disaster.

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