The movie The Wedding Singer was funny; however, not necessarily my favorite, YET, there’s a classic line that recent events has played over and over in my head… It was after Robby was stood up at the altar… his girlfriend stated that she could not marry him because he was not who she wanted… the classic line was (click here to listen):

Once again, things that should have been brought to my attention, YESTERDAY!

Life is full of lessons, some you learn and feel SO VERY happy that you did, whereas others you wished that you had the foresight to have avoided it.. but, in truth every lesson learned is a gift.  I appreciate the fact that these lessons save you from future ailments… of course, if you heed the lesson learned.  Yes, I am guilty of repeating a few and being upset when I need to learn yet again; however, in truth… that is what life is all about.  Right?

I tend to enjoy the lessons that I have learned once the sting of reprimand has past.  I am sure that there are things that I can learn going forward and there is some excitement in learning, yet, there is a little hesitation too.  But, if I close myself off to try, then I will never experience joy.  I do understand that I can do things differently, yet, I choose to live the way I do.. and simply put faith in those that I meet and truly choose to spend time with.. will be decent people.

I have very strong friendships with few; however, I am not one to need many people around.  I value those that are around and I truly bask in their loyalty, support and care… life is all about choices, experiences and beauty.. and no one will ever change that view.  Sure, I can fall and I can cry; however, nothing will ever knock me down completely.

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