You Are 68

You’ve studied many languages, providing you with plenty of ways to express yourself. You are storyteller and people love to listen to you. Your voice is full of wisdom and your vocabulary is old-fashioned and immaculate.

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Well, I’m nowhere close to 68; however, one cannot take insult to this as it was a Facebook test on guessing my age based on my vocabulary.  In this instance, I’m slightly offended at the age; however, the description makes up for it.  I attribute a gross part of my intelligence, intellect and demeanor to my parents.  Both went far in their collegiate pursuits; however, I chose not to.  

theirI’m very happy that I know the difference between their, there and they’re and can properly use our and are correctly; however, it’s a true struggle when I see a powerful message on the Internet and there’s an incorrect use of a word or misspelling.  Ugh!  Your whole point went out the window.  I guess it’s the difference between “Knowing you’re shit” & “Knowing your shit.”

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