Young Ladies Can’t Dance

I attended a bar the other night.. watched several young ladies flaunt all that they had in sequined dresses that were way out-of-place for the peanut shell floor; however, each generation has their own mating call.

I watched as they tripped over one another and made attempts of boot-stomping dances in platform heels.. As they started to do the dances.. many began to remove their shoes.. I had to laugh as I was exchanging idle chatter with a few women similar to my age.. as we watched these young vixens strike up a line-dance.. we laughed as they started to remove their big girl shoes in order to complete the stomps..

Being true to who I am… I got up and immediately picked up on the quick little steps… with my 6″ platforms I was not only able to keep my shoes on, but, complete the steps perfectly… the ladies laughed as I felt that not only was I doing it for me.. but, for them as well.

When I think about young ladies wearing skin-tight black evening dresses and platform shoes.. I still have to chuckle that when the stomping really gets going.. it’s the 41-year-old that not only does the dance, but, does it in the shoes she came in.

Although I may never show up in a skin-tight black evening dress …. I find comfort in the fact that if and when the mood strikes me I can still kick up my heels, rather than kicking them off.

In the words of VanZant……

If you can’t run with the big dogs, Big Dog let me walk you out….you’re taking up space!

┬áJust sayin’, platforms were made for wearing.. never tossed aside.

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