You’re Fired

upintheairIf anyone thinks that firing someone is easy, they’re wrong. Even when the firing is completely justified, it still never feels good.  If someone says, they’re ok with it, they’re in the WRONG position.

In many instances I want to share with the person that I’m letting go that I do not feel good after; however, in truth, I highly doubt they would care or even believe me.  People may sometimes confuse feeling bad with feeling incorrect.  I do not terminate people by accident.  Several hours, days and sometimes weeks are consumed by reviewing the decision.  When it finally is determined that that person or persons has to go… it’s pretty rare that the decision is changed.

In the Termination Meeting I have to remain relatively unemotional, for numerous reasons; however, I still want to show emotion.  I have a hard time after the person has left.  I wonder if they are able to find work.  I wonder how they feel.  I wonder if they received disdain from their loved ones.  I wonder if their children know.  Thinking about the person does not negate my decision; however, for me, it lets me know that I am in the right position.

If you’ve ever been let go, fired, terminated, whatever you want to call it – it’s not a comfortable position.  If you knew that the person doing the termination thought about it as much as I’ve written – would it matter to you?

Even in cases, when letting the person go was the BEST result for the company… it still is NOT easy.

What absolutely disgusts me, are the people that talk about how tough they are or how feared they should be.. that’s the worse kind of person in a position of power. I would much prefer that the person be sheepish in regard to their level of power. It would make me feel much better, if the person were demure rather than gregarious.

I do my homework, not to put the person in a non-winning position, but, just so I can have each base covered.  I am always prepared to go to court or provide supporting documentation; however, I would prefer it if the person just accepted the termination and found another position.  This is not said to be trite.

I do not enjoy letting someone go.  I would prefer to focus more on employee programs that focus on professional and personal growth; however, creating, maintaining and enforcing policies and procedures tends to be a large part of my job.

I have absolutely no issue enforcing a rule to protect the company, the employees and our clients; however, in the same breath, I will say that each reprimand, termination and employee past or present leaves an impression on me.

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