USMCRD_San_DiegoChange of any sort takes a bit of an adjustment; however, certain types of change take a lot more than a simple shift. The transition from Military-life back to Civilian-life can be one of those situations.  It may appear easy; however, there are so many facets one rarely considers until they’re either going through it or battling against it.  In any event, the shift from being told to do this or that to living a life of free will is an adjustment.

It is not my intent to force those seeking assistance to disclose who they are, therefore, this is one of the few sections on this site that does not have a registration requirement.  You are freely able to peruse this section without the need to disclose who you are.  I do not harvest any emails or other pertinent information; however over the past 25 some odd years in doing this, I know that some would not seek help IF they had to say who they are. I’m just fine with this type of anonymity.

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