Public Persona

11840338-Frog-Prince-from-a-fable-holding-a-blank-sign-by-a-green-happy-smiling-amphibian-with-a-gold-crown-h-Stock-PhotoI love to write; however, not a fan of reading.  Sitting to read a book is about as alluring to me as listening to someone with a speech impediment try to say Peter Piper Picked… In other words, I hate to read.  I know people who absolutely would crawl out of their hair if they did not have a book, yet, I would much prefer to be writing it.

I’m not sure if anyone will come across this blog in the first place; however, if you’ve found yourself here – Welcome!  I will write various little snippets of things that I encounter; however, the juicy stuff will remain behind locked doors.  An elite group will have access; however, since I am not selling anything and/or have a need for a specific number of visitors, I am not all that concerned of anyone being offended that I will be choosy of who enters the gate.

I always have something to say and usually a point to make; however, who doesn’t! Right?  Well, the first public rant is soon to come!

Frogs…. I cannot recall the exact time period in my life; however, my lovely Mother gave me a pewter frog.  I know I was young; however, somehow my teen years are what comes to mind.  I did not realize its significance; however, years later, I took up the whole ‘Frog Prince’ idea.  While I still hold Rocky to be the most romantic love story, I do find the whole kissing frogs to find one’s Prince a lovely tale.  I’m not sure how true it is; however, I’ve found a great love of frogs.  I have several figurines; however, not enough where Got Junk is coming to my home.  I’m quite picky about the figurines I choose.  I still have the first one from my Mother… I keep it close to me and someday, despite life and all of its wonderful lessons, there’s a part of me that still believes someday my Prince will come.