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register-257986_640Most of the content on has been reserved for ‘Registered Users’ only. This is not done to harvest your information and/or to ‘get’ your email address, it is similar to the same reason we lock our homes. I understand that this requirement may sour a few; however, since these stories are personal in nature and due to my M2C initiative – I’ve decided that it is better to lose a few versus allow anyone to read the comments of those going through transition et al.

Luckily for all, we’re in a country that allows the freedom to choose, therefore, if you choose to provide your information for registration, please understand that we will do nothing with it.  In fact, if there interest in a very periodic newsletter, you will need to sign-up on the right sidebar under Country Claire Newsletter with a double opt-in requirement.  We have no wares to sell and no get rich quick schemes in which to offer.

I do hope that you choose to register; however, I understand your decision either way.

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